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05 November 2019The Genius of Leonardo da Vinci
01 November 2018Joseph Wright of Derby
25 October 2018West Mercia "Tinge it with Romanticism"
02 November 2017A Tour of The Southern Mediterranean.
04 May 2017Emperor Qianlong (1736 - 1796) Son of Heaven, Man of the World.
03 November 2016The Shakers; Their Beliefs, Architecture & Artefacts.
12 November 2015The Art and Science of the Lunar Society.
08 May 2014Istanbul
13 November 2013How shall we arrange the Furniture

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The Genius of Leonardo da Vinci Guy Rooker Tuesday 05 November 2019

With the anniversary of the death of Leonardo passing recently it is worth considering his legacy 500 years on.  His autograph paintings are few with a number undergoing extensive restoration. Many of his drawings are based on his approach of remaking nature.  

Leonardo would say nature must be his guide and that art was based on a scientific understanding of everything depicted. He used his powers of draughtsmanship and astute sense of observation in his scientific drawings making an incredible contribution to our early understanding of anatomy, aeronautics, warfare, cartography and water engineering to name but a few. It would take centuries of science and technology to catch up with his thoughts. 

We follow Leonardo’s pursuit of these investigations whether they be on his own iniative, his pursuit of remunerative employment or in response to a particular set of circumstances in his life and review the contribution made by his drawings to the world in which we currently live.

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