The Arts Society Malvern Hills provides children and young adults with exciting opportunities to get involved in creative arts activities.  Our vision is one of equality of opportunity for all young people to learn through participation in the arts.

2018 - Pendock Primary School’s “Flowers of the Field” and “Pride in Pendock” Art Project 

Pendock Primary School’s received TASMH’s 2018 Young Arts Grant.

During the Project all 43 pupils at the school enjoyed the rich experience of exploring different ways of recording the beauty of flowers, including sketching, collage, clay, water colour painting, paper sculpture work and poetry writing.  The Head Teacher commented the Project had inspired work in other art forms such as dance and music.

The pupils’ ideas were captured by a commissioned Metal Worker and a Potter who incorporated wild flowers into a permanent metal installation and a ceramic mural which now stand at the entrance to the school and were unveiled on the 9th November 2018. 

The installation and mural include five red poppies to represent each man named on the First World War memorial plaque in the school foyer.  On future Armistice Days, the installation will be the focal point for remembering those affected by war in the past and in the present. 

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