The Arts Society Malvern Hills Heritage Volunteers give their time, skills and commitment to preserve and conserve books and textiles. They are recognised and trusted as part of the conservation world and the public face of The Arts Society when they are working in Museums, Historic Houses, in gardens and as Guides.

Worcester Porcelain Museum

When the pattern books of the Worcester Porcelain Museum were saved, experienced volunteers began the careful work of cleaning and repairing.

Hellens, Much Marcle

The dining room chair covers are now finished and this was celebrated with a tea party for all those involved, Adam Munthe, the owner of Hellens thanked everyone for their hard work and dedication.

Sally Ziesler designed the covers using an old Herbal belonging to the house and she estimated that the number of stitches was over 1,330,00.

The group includes volunteers from Ross and Hereford as well as our Society.

Work is now being carried out on an 18th Century French screen.

Hartlebury Castle

Our group under the guidance of Kath Hollands,  continues their work on the replica chair covers.

Bosbury Holy Trinity Church

A red frontal was conserved and framed and a white one has had the embroidery placed on to a new fabric.

St.George's Church, Brinsop,

A fragile banner of St.George has been mounted on to a new silk. The banner shows a dramatic figure of an armour clad saint on a white charger piercing a green dragon like creature through the mouth. Created for the church in 1906 by the celebrated church furnisher Sir Ninian Comper, the banner was losing the silk backing that supported it.

Little Malvern Court 

Our Volunteers also act as guides at on the afternoons when it is open to the public in the summer months.

Cardiff Castle

In the past our activities included the making of replica hangings.

Pictures of our volunteers at work on these projects can be seen in the Gallery section.