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18 March 2020Cancelled - Royal Collectors:Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and their Art
26 February 2020Silk and the Silk Road - all aspects.
15 January 2020The Dowager Empress Cixi: Ruling from behind the Yellow Silk Screen.
20 November 2019The Talent in Tite Street.
16 October 2019The paintings & wit of Winston Churchill and Noel Coward
18 September 2019Reception followed by "The Eagle, Dan Dare and the Art of Frank Hampson"
15 May 2019AGM followed by Art Behind Bars.
17 April 2019Thomas Heatherwick - the 'Leonardo da Vinci' of our time.
20 March 2019Christopher Marlow: dramatist, poet, spy.
13 February 2019"A load of Old Balls"
16 January 2019This is Wren: from Classical, Baroque to City Churches.
21 November 2018Treasures of Far Cathay
17 October 2018The Richest of Legacies: architecture of the British Raj
19 September 2018Reception followed by 'Art and Music in the age of Vermeer'
23 May 2018AGM followed by Faber and Faber
18 April 2018Art of the Islands.
21 March 2018The Art and Artists of Northern Norway.
14 February 2018Sir John Soane - Architect of a lost London.
17 January 2018From Egg to Bacon
06 December 2017Christmas Party - The 12 Days of Christmas
15 November 2017As if by Magic.
18 October 2017Basingstoke and its Contribution to World Culture.
20 September 2017Reception followed by Living with History.
17 May 2017The Beauty of Frames - preceded by the AGM
19 April 2017Caravaggio: the Bad Boy of the Baroque.
15 March 2017Children's Book Illustrators.
22 February 2017William Cobbett "The Rural Rider Ridiculed"
18 January 2017The Art of Enamelling.
07 December 2016MHDFAS Christmas Party :- A Dickens of a Christmas and God Bless Us.
16 November 2016At the Sign of the Falcon The extraordinary life of H. G. Murphy - Silversmith & Goldsmith.
19 October 2016The World of Islamic Art
21 September 2016The Art and Meaning of Maps - preceded by Reception
18 May 2016Mr. Langshaw's Square Piano.
20 April 2016Life and Times of the Sundial.
16 March 2016Leipzig: Architecture, Art and Music
24 February 2016Paris, the City of 365 Sundays.
20 January 201618th Century Georgian Furniture.
18 November 2015The Fascinating World of Playing Cards.
21 October 2015Top Gallants and Royals: British maritime Painting.
07 October 2015The Silver Thread: Silver Filligree and Traditional Arts in Kosovo.
23 September 2015Rescuing Zeugma from the floodwaters of the Euphrates.

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Cancelled - Royal Collectors:Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and their Art Susan Owens Wednesday 18 March 2020

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert expressed their love for each other through art. Every birthday and Christmas they exchanged gifts of paintings, sculpture and jewellery, and they commissioned artists to record their lives together at Balmoral and Osborne House. They were keen amateur artists, sitting side-by-side to draw and to try their hand at etching. And they took pleasure in arranging their collection of portrait miniatures, drawings and prints in a special room the prince designed at Windsor Castle.

We will look not only at glamorous paintings by Landseer and Winterhalter, but also at the lesser-known watercolours the couple took pleasure in arranging in their treasured ‘souvenir albums’. This lecture tells the story of these royal patrons and collectors who were every bit as passionate about art as they were about each other.

Dr Susan Owens

Is an art historian, writer and curator. She studied English literature at Oxford University and European art at the Courtauld Institute, then wrote a doctoral thesis on Aubrey Beardsley’s illustrations to Oscar Wilde’s play Salome at University College London. She worked as a curator for the Royal Collection before becoming Curator of Paintings at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Susan has written or co-authored books on decadent interiors, natural history illustration, watercolours, drawings and self-portraits, and is a regular contributor to publications including the Times Literary Supplement and The World of Interiors.