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22 April 2020Cancelled - Pictures in Stone - The Art of Pietra Dura.
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16 September 2020The Journey of the Magi, Myth & Reality
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18 November 2020Two Women Who Scandalised the Art World.
20 January 2021Moorish Architecture: The Legacy of a Vanished Kingdom.
24 February 2021A Garden Like no other: Edward James & Las Pozas
17 March 2021The Gem from the Sea. The Storey of the Pearl in Art & Treasure. Sea:
21 April 2021Alchemy and Adventure, A history of exotic colours and poisonous pigments.
19 May 2021Dumfries House - Saved for the Nation.

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Cancelled - Pictures in Stone - The Art of Pietra Dura. David Evans Wednesday 22 April 2020

The talk will explore the ancient and luxurious art of stone inlay from Ancient Rome & Renaissance Europe to 16th century Mughal India. Pietre Dure is used to create objects and décor of intense colour and drama.

The luxurious and colourful Ancient Roman art of opus sectile, was re-discovered and revived in the Italian Renaissance at the Uffizi workshops of the Duke of Florence where the manufacture of such objects was enthusiastically sponsored by Medici princes. In ancient times the technique was used to decorate floors and walls of public buildings, temples and luxurious villas. From Italy the art spread across Europe and in the Mughal period in India the technique was used to decorate palaces and furnishings and ultimately the Taj Mahal.

The technique of pietre dure (the Italian for hardstones) includes "paintings in stone" - representing subjects such as landscapes, townscapes, flowers, birds, and decorative motifs - these were then made into magnificent table tops, cabinets, and wall decorations for princely and royal collections.

David Evans

Initially trained as carpenter and joiner. Worked for the OU and the Museum of Welsh Life. Property Manager for the National Trust Petworth; previously Curator at Lyme Park. Lectures extensively for the National Trust and the Victorian Society.